Efepasa Guven Sliced Cured Meat (Sucuk) 250 GR

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Efepasa Guven Sliced Cured Meat (Sucuk)  250 GR

Sucuk is a cult product.

But no wonder this Turkish beef sausage with the extra portion of fresh garlic is on everyone’s lips (literally!): Efepaşa sucuk is deliciously spicy, full of Turkish flavour, and at the same time more versatile than almost any other sausage. So you would like it fried? Barbecued? Used as a pizza topping? On toast? On its own with bread? All possible! And the possibilities are endless – because there are no limits to the imagination with this product.

100% pure halal beef. And the bonus: high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Versatile, tasty, nutritious – a product to emulate.