Maun Plain Simit Pack Of 5

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Maun Plain Simit (Turkish Simit Bread) Pack Of 5 | Maun Simit 5 li Paket

It is the general name given to bagels or round-shaped bread covered with sesame. . It is widely consumed in the Middle East and the Balkans, including Turkey.

Bagel is generally served plain, or for breakfast with tea, fruit preserves, cheese, or Ayran (Yogurt Drink) . Drinking tea with bagels is traditional. Simit ("Bokegh" in Armenian) is a traditional Christmas bread in Armenia.[citation needed]

Bagels are sold by street vendors in Turkey, who either have a bagel trolley or carry the bagel in a tray on their heads. Street merchants generally advertise bagels as fresh since they are baked throughout the day; otherwise hot and extremely hot when they are not long out of the oven.