Sutas Ezine Classic Mature Cheese (Ezine Tipi Klasik Beyaz Peynir) 600 GR

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Sütaş Mature Cow Cheese 600 gr

Sütaş Classic White Cheeses for those who are fond of the quality taste..

Sütaş Classic White Cheese is produced from Sütaş Farm's high-quality cow milk with an excellent taste and smell and is matured for at least 6 months in order to reach the ideal taste and texture. It is an indispensable flavour for those who prefer traditional and classical flavours in White Cheese. Energy and Nutrition Facts
(Amount in 100 g)

Energy (kcal / kj) 325/1347
Fat (g) 27
Saturated Fat (g) 17,6
Carbohydrate (g) 1,5
Sugars (g) 1,5
Protein (g) 19
Salt (g) 3
Calcium (mg) 535
Ingredients: Thermized cow's milk (100%), rennet, table salt. The milk fat ratio in dry matter is at least 45%.
100 grams of it meets 67% of the daily calcium need.