Marmarabirlik Lux 3XS Siyah Zeytin Kavanoz 1KG

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Dried Sele Black Olives, Kuru Sele (Marmarabirlik) - 400 g

Sele olives (Zeytin) are only cured with oil, no water or chemicals are used for ripening. This way you can have the real taste of black olives. With 25% more oil ratio than the other black olives, Sele olives are easily grazed. 

These are dehydrated natural black olives. Sele olives are cured only with oil; no water or chemicals are used for ripening.  Kuru Sele Siyah Zeytin



  • Black olives,
  • Salt, corn oil,
  • Acidity regulator (lactic acid),
  • Firming agent (calcium chloride),
  • preservative (sorbic acid)