Trebor Soft Sp/Mint 50p Roll

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Mint flavoured chewy centred sweets in a crisp candy coating. Trebor was founded in 1907 when William Woodcock (a sugar boiler) and Robert Robertson (a grocer), Sydney Marks and Thomas King each put £100 into a partnership to form a confectionery company. Originally known as Robertson & Woodcock, the name changed to Trebor when the company moved into Trebor House in Upton Park, London. Trebor mints were launched in 1935, with Trebor Extra Strong following two years later. In July 2009, Trebor gum was launched. As Trebor is the UK number 1 mint brand it only seemed sensible that they produced mint gum too! The launch was supported by an ad campaign, featuring the ‘mint people’, the fictional executive team behind Trebor, obsessed with mint! Did you know Robert Robertson was one of the original founders of Trebor in 1907?